January 6, 2012

Low-So January Week 1: Chelsea Travels

Meet some of your best low-sodium friends. They are plastic containers. And they’ll help you take low-sodium meals wherever you roam. It’s just one trick of many that make low-sodium eating and traveling and dinner party-going possible. And our low-sodium hero, Chelsea, already picked up on the idea during her first week of low-sodium living. She’s so smart. But enough from me. Let’s hear about it from her…. (And if I got paid to write this blog, I’d surely be worried about my job right about now. This girl’s got skills) LOW-SO JANUARY DIARY: WEEK ONE Greetings from week one […]

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January 3, 2012

A New Year and 7 Links

A few months ago one of my favorite fellow bloggers tapped me on the shoulder to join him for the “My 7 Links Project”–the purpose of which was to reflect on one’s own blog, to resurface posts that had been lost in the shuffle, and to build a web of community by asking other online writers to do the same. Now in typical busy life fashion, many book deadlines, holiday egg nog, and the need for sleep kept getting in the way of this post. Weeks and weeks have gone by. And the words “write 7 links” constantly appeared on […]

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November 22, 2011

Salt-Free Any Holiday Recipe

This is a salt-free curry coconut gravy. That took twenty minutes to whip up. That’s a perfect substitute for saltier, meat-based gravies. That comes from a recipe I borrowed from Todd & Diane. And this Thanksgiving, I want you to do a little borrowing too. I challenge you to cook from a cookbook. From memory. Or by the smells you remember and the tastes you crave for so-and-so’s so-and-so that you look forward to eating every November. This Thanksgiving, I dare you to salt-free your favorite holiday recipes. It doesn’t matter how much cheese, bacon, brine, or store-bought, sodium-filled ingredients […]

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November 18, 2011

Low-Sodium Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And turkey day is quickly approaching. But before you grab your bird for next Thursday, give a gander to these low-sodium tips on how to keep your meat light, dark, juicy, and low-sodium. A WORD ON THE BIRD Like chicken, Thanksgiving turkeys tend to come majorly pre-plumped with sodium and many are brined as well. Yikers. If this is new news to you, it probably just took the wind out of your Mayflower sails. But it doesn’t mean you can’t carve up a beautiful bird this Thanksgiving. And there are actually a lot […]

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October 14, 2011

Low-Sodium Collard Sandwich Wrap

It usually starts with a big flappy sheet of lavash or a soft tortilla. Those flat, towel-like breads that so easily twist and snuggle around your sandwich fillings. And while I’ve bought salt-free lavash and no-sodium corn tortillas before, they are either special grocery store items that only show up once in a while (lavash) or they tend to crack and break apart when you roll them (tortilla). Which means a sturdy, low-sodium sandwich wrap is difficult to make for a simple Wednesday lunch. Le sigh. But you didn’t think I was going to give up that easily, did you? […]

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October 11, 2011

Low-Sodium Corn Dogs

This story begins with my love of baseball. I know most of the players by name. And by nickname. I can talk trash with the best of them. I’ve caught one fly ball in my life and finagled countless others from catchers and umps. I watched Bonds hit most of his hundred-mark home-runs. I danced in the streets to celebrate the world series. And I dressed up as Brian Wilson for Halloween. The closer. Not the Beach Boy. But my love of baseball would have never been without my love of corn dogs. Or nacho cheese. Or garlic fries, cotton […]

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September 29, 2011

Cookbook Swap – Eat Good Food

Eat good food. Makes sense, right? But what  seems like a simple commandment (much easier than “eat without your hands”), turns out to be advice that, until recently, wasn’t readily followed. Sure, people have always eaten food that tasted good. We’re wired to do that. But that’s something entirely different. Grammatically and in practice. That’s enjoying a box of powdered doughnuts after eating a burger animal style at In N’ Out, which high school me is totally guilty of. That’s guzzling down a slushie on a really hot day. Or going through a bag of buttered popcorn before the movie actually […]

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September 27, 2011

Cookbook Swap – Food52

This week, I’m doing a little book swap. And I am so excited to tell you about three favorites that are coming to an Amazon near you. Even though I am a sodium-free eater, I’ve been lucky enough to have my hands, thoughts, and taste buds involved in all of the books. And even though they all contain salt in their ingredient lists, I strongly believe that these beautiful guides are perfect inspiration for some impressive cooking, of the salty or salt-free kind. So let’s start with the first one. Which really has motivated many recipes in this blog for […]

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August 29, 2011

You’ve Been Kohlrabi’d

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. And if you aren’t talking, you might as well be eating. So here’s some kohlrabi. It’s weird looking. And I mean that in a super complimentary way. Because most of the time, when you encounter a strange looking fruit, vegetable, or person, they tend to really light up your pantry. And life. I’ve seen kohlrabi before, but never really dared try it. And last week, two bulbs ended up in my farmers market basket. Which is why this week, we’re going on a kohlrabi adventure. Buckle up. And as […]

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May 25, 2011

Low Sodium Ravioli

You may have noticed that I was a bit slow in posting today. Almost twelve hours late. Where did the time go? I think I lost it with my words, marbles, and vision as my face has been tightly pressed against the computer screen this past month in order to get all the low sodium tips, recipes, and other salt-free nuggets of advice down on (electronic) paper so that sometime next year, it can be in your hands. That was a really long sentence I think I have lost my ability to punctuate too. While I reboot my brain, I […]

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