February 7, 2012

Low-Sodium Winter Comforts

Here are the things I learned this week: 1) Although I love being barefoot or in sandals, rain boots are definitely the right choice when it’s raining. 2) Madonna still totally rocks. Like, seriously. 3) Steaks can be made out of cauliflower (see: Thursday’s post). 4) Curling up on the couch with something warm (i.e. a blanket, freshly baked bread, breakfast for dinner, and soup) is the perfect way to ward off chilly weather. So below, find some of my favorite cozy, low-sodium recipes for when the temperature drops. Make one, two, or all three this week. And save your […]

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August 1, 2011

Bibimbap On Over

Very, very special meal! This is the very, very special meal I was so wickedly tempting you with last week. It is called Bibimbap. It is a super traditional Korean dish. It literally means “mixed meal” (because after it is placed in front of you, you best mix all those compartments of yum up). It looks like mother nature’s painting palette. And it is usually off-limits to low-sodium eaters–mostly due to the salty chili pepper paste that is so wonderfully and deliciously dumped all over it. For years, I watched as adventurous eater friends dove into authentic Korean food dives […]

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July 27, 2011

The Incredible Edible Purple Egg

Yesterday I made purple eggs. Yep. Dr. Seussish, delicious purple eggs. Not because it was Easter, although I wish I had thought of doing this earlier this year. But because I was pickling cabbage (for something very, very special) and I had a tub of fuschia pickling liquid that just couldn’t be wasted. Seriously, can you imagine just pouring it down the drain? I couldn’t. So I quickly learned how to hard boil eggs — yes, I had to look this up, no judgment — and I plopped my freshly peeled gems into the cabbage container. A few hours later, […]

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March 7, 2011

A Lesson in Poached Eggs

I live by the seat of my pants. My well-worn, stretch pants that I wear at least five of the seven days in a week. Since I work in San Francisco, and mostly from the comfort of my home, the idea of “getting dressed” continues to slowly fade from my social lexicon. I had a few years of working a real, office-casual kind of job where I put together sassy power suits and tailored pants with some flash-of-personality heels, confidently strutting downtown with the rest of the urban jungle thinking, “look how professional I am.” But comfort and simplicity have […]

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January 18, 2010

Couscous, Sunny Side Up

First off, a gigantic thank you to Sodium Girl readers for passing on the link to Friday’s post. A big ‘ol check for $300 smackaroos is being sent off this afternoon to help recovery efforts in Haiti. And while I wish Ed Macmahon could be the one handing it over to the Red Cross, I think we can all be quite proud of participating in this necessary call-to-action. Now that our hearts are filled by good deeds, it is time to fill our tummies with good food. This rainy California weather demands something hearty and warm and this dish is […]

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January 14, 2010

Holly Holly Hollandaise

Happy Semi-Hump Day (just two more afternoons to go until the weekend) and a special thank you to those readers who wrote in their votes for this morning’s post. The winner, of course, was the perfectly poached Eggs Benedict that Mom whipped up during Stanford’s bowl game on New Year’s Eve. The origin of this dish is still a mystery. Multiple people and places have been accredited for its creation, from a special order by a hungry (and demanding) patron at the Waldorf Hotel circa 1894, to a traditional French cuisine named œufs bénédictine, consisting of a toasted piece of […]

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December 22, 2009

Egg in a Basket, Toad in a Hole

The Egg in a Basket, also known as Toad in a Hole and Bird in a Nest, is the perfect weekend breakfast for one, two, or twenty. The classic recipe takes mere minutes to complete and offers endless enjoyment in its nutty flavors and playful presentation. The ingredient list is minimal – low sodium bread, sweet/unsalted butter, and eggs – but you can always spice things up with freshly chopped herbs (chives or parsley would be delicious), a light mustard sauce by combining crème fraiche (0mg of sodium) with dry mustard (0 mg of sodium) or low salt stone-ground mustard […]

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July 6, 2009

Pea Soup

My mom, boy’s mom, and I decided to meet for lunch one beautifully sunny afternoon and I wanted to treat them both to something light, bright, and delicious. I was aiming to fix a meal that was quick to make, full of flavor, and of course, sodium-free. So, I settled on curried egg salad sandwiches and some cold pea soup – my cup of soup, of course, is the one topped with hot red chili flakes – it may have been chilled, but I am always hankering for some heat. The recipes are simple and the tastes are just complex […]

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June 24, 2009

Fridge Frittata

First off – go see Food, Inc. I’ve read the books, I volunteer at the Ferry Building, I shop at Farmer’s Markets whenever I can.  But this movie, even for the most food-enlightened, is a huge wake up call.  We truly are what we eat and our food industry is the cornerstone of our community’s and our world’s health, social, and environmental issues. So I have to say, after I left the movie, I was glad to know that my fridge was full of locally produced, seasonal ingredients – all of which needed to be eaten right away if I […]

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May 5, 2009


What do you get when you have one kidney-failing Jew, a group of semi non-practicing Christian friends, and a knack for combining two words into one? EASTOVER! Sodium-free style. I love nothing more than a good excuse to throw a food fest, so the culmination of these two fantastically treat-related holidays seemed like the perfect fit. Boy and I (with help from mom and dad – who are learning how to cook without salt!) whipped up a salt-free shmorg-borg of brunchy delights: Horoses and matzoh, deviled eggs, baba ganoush, two gorgeous fruit tarts care of Annie, slow-cooked scrambled eggs, macaroons, […]

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