February 8, 2013

Cookbook. Cookbook. Cookbook.

Book Photo Shoot

This is a wall. A wall of pictures. Beautiful pictures. Pictures taken by the amazing Matt Armendariz, styled by the amazing Adam Pearson.

Pictures that, when taken off the wall, look this.

photo by Matt Armendariz 

photo by Matt Armendariz 

Pictures that then got put into a book. A book with more pictures and words, and pictures with words on top. Words that tell stories. Words that tell you how to make salt-free bloody Marys. Words that tell you how to travel or eat well in dorm rooms or live low-sodium on-the-fly. Words that (hopefully) give you hope, and inspiration, and all the tools you need to live a most limitless life. And to make salt-free your own favorite recipes.

(but don’t worry, I’ve got the bloody Marys covered)

Which is all to say this: the Cookbook. Is. Here. It is finally on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere books are sold. And all those words and pictures can finally be yours. To hold. To keep on your kitchen counter. To give away to loved ones. To read before you go to bed.

Two years of love, spices, and tamarind paste and it’s finally here. And yes, it feels quite thrilling. Not just because reviews and recipes have appeared in Woman’s Day, Shape Magazine, TastingTable.com, and OPRAH.OHMYGOD.COM to name a few. But because these books can finally be yours. Which is exactly why I wrote them in the first place.

To celebrate the official release date, next Tuesday, February 12th, I am hosting my third Love Your Heart Recipe Rally featuring some rally rad bloggers (none of whom need to cut the salt) as well as a new friends of mine named VITAMIX, which I will giveaway. TWICE.

So be sure to tune in next Tuesday the 12th for some amazing salt-free recipes, TWO chances to win a VITAMIX (the sports car of blenders), and of course to celebrate all that can be accomplished on a low-sodium diet.

(which, of course, includes salt-free bloody Marys).

Chow on.


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