October 25, 2011

Low-Sodium Dining Card

Laminated Low-Sodium Dining Card

Around these parts, when you ask, you shall receive. So behold. The laminated low-sodium dining card.

It’s pretty small, a 5 by 5-inch square. Which is, of course, laminated thanks to my laminating-loving mother. It fits effortlessly into my purse or work bag. And is so greatly appreciated by kitchens across America and abroad. I have it translated in Italian, Thai, French, and Spanish for effortless travel eating.

While it clearly states the things I cannot eat–emphasizing often overlooked sodium offenders like the dreaded salt-water boil–it also importantly outlines all the ingredients the kitchen can use. This is how I not only get salt-free food, but truly fun and flavorful food. The CAN DO list gives the chef creative license to play with things like citrus, garlic, onions, wine, and even clams that we know (from cooking at home) bumps up the savory taste.

This card also makes certain that the people who need to know about your dietary limits will be well informed.

You won’t have to recite a Shakespearean monologue about your health history when you order. The waiter won’t have to play telephone to the kitchen. And the main chef won’t have to waste time asking for further clarification–or be forced to ignore the needs altogether.

You simply need to give a brief explanation of your dietary limits and hand the card over, knowing it is smooth low-sodium sailing ahead.

So go on, make your own card (with your own needs, limits, and flavor tricks), and don’t leave home without it.

With this in hand, you can live and eat on the fly more often. And be assured that your food will be salt-free and satisfying.

Chow on.

P.S. Wondering where to go out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? I’ve just added some new LA restaurants to the Yelp! page. So click on the button to the right and check out the good salt-free eats I found!

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