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Some people live to eat. Others eat to live.

And then there are those of us who aspire to do both.


If you’re reading this page, then I bet you fall into this third category. And if I’m right (which, hopefully I am), then I know you will love this book. Full of advice, recipes, and countless gorgeous photographs by the amazing Shooter + Stylist team (Matt Armendariz and Adam Pearson), this cookbook finally does the low-sodium diet justice. It does away with the bland and boring. It exposes the joys and the opportunities in salt-free cooking. And it will fill you with enthusiasm, flavor, and the desire for seconds.

And while there are directions on how to do accomplish everything from traveling abroad, to dating, to making salt-free Bloody Marys, this isn’t just a guidebook nor just a cookbook. This is a manifesto. It is a declaration that you will take your limitations and make them your greatest motivators. That you choose to see every challenge as an opportunity. And when faced with the words “no” and “can’t,” you will turn them into “yes” and “I told you so.”

Oh, and did I mention that there is a recipe for Bloody Marys?

So after two years of teasing you with pictures and stories, I am so happy to finally offer this piece of my journey with you. Created with love, spices, and a few broken measuring spoons, I hope it encourages you to try ingredients and recipes you never thought were possible. I hope it inspires you to go places you never thought you would go. And I hope it proves that, even with dietary restrictions, you can live a most limitless life.

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