The Blog

I’m a girl on a mission.

Faced with kidney failure and a handful of other medical complications, I decided that nothing would stop me from having a full life and a full belly.

I discovered that a well controlled, salt-free, low-sodium diet was key to staying healthy and active. But it took time and years of experimentation to achieve the delicate balance of eating well while maintaining a busy schedule and a budget.

With a few years of salt-free cooking, eating, and living under my belt, I started this blog to give others a jump start in their own journey.

Whether motivated by reasons medical or personal, I hope these tidbits of information are helpful to everyone seeking to lower their sodium intake without loosing the flavor and the thrill of eating. I also hope that others, not limited in their choices, will find my advice, recipes, and general shennanigans equally enlightening.

So read on, chow down, and get cooking. Low-sodium can be flavor full.

My Story

In January of 2004, I received a diagnosis that changed my life. I was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that in my case attacked my kidneys and brain. Due to the intensity of the initial “flare up” of the disease, I became renal insufficient and eventually faced kidney failure.

Amazingly, through great medicine, wonderful family and friends, and an enormous amount of support, I became stronger and healthier and miraculously, my kidneys partially regenerated. I no longer depend on dialysis, I have been officially kicked off the kidney transplant list for seven years, and by regulating my diet, I depend on fewer medications.

Almost eight years after my initial hospital stay, I work as a full-time food writer (isn’t that ironic!) and I live a thrilling and utterly enjoyable life. My dietary restrictions have transformed into a real passion for food and I hope to be able to pass along my favorite finds to others facing similar dietary challenges.

Be creative, be friendly, and be full!

Update: Next January (2013), Sodium Girl and Wiley Publishing will bring you (and your local book store) all the delicious low-sodium meals you can possibly handle, and then some. Get those salt-free palates ready!