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Time to do away with the bland and boring, and discover the color, flavor, and opportunities in low-so cooking.

I hope my cookbook and NEW GUIDE!!! will fill you (or a loved one) with creativity, knowledge, power, and bacon (yes!). Enthusiasm, flavor, and a desire for seconds. As well as a newfound confidence in your kitchen and the world at large. I hope you learn to take limitations and make them your greatest motivators. To see every challenge as an opportunity. And when faced with the words “no” and “can’t,” turn them into “yes” and “I told you so.” Also, there’s recipes for Bloody Mary’s and bacon.

But these books are more than tips and recipes and realllllllly pretty pictures. They are a piece of my own journey that I wanted to share with you. That I created with love, spices, and a few broken measuring spoons, as well as a broken oven or two. They are part of my mission to change the way people see, eat, and cook low-sodium food. So we can all eat better and feel better.

So I hope both books encourage you to try ingredients and recipes you never thought were possible. I hope they inspire you to go places you never thought you would go. And I hope they prove that, even with restrictions, you can live a most limitless life.

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