Isn’t the name of your blog kind of strange?

Why yes, it is. But here’s the deal: “No Sodium Girl” and “Low Sodium Girl” didn’t have the same ring to it. So try to not over think it. I clearly didn’t.

Okay, then. How did you choose that title?

I’ve been given some interesting nicknames over the years: cheese, Ms. B, Baby J, just to name a few.

But the alter ego that captured me best was “Sodium Girl” – which came from the genius minds of a few new friends, one of whom is the ultra talented local music phenom 1865. His sound is fresh and lyrics are majorly intelligent. And of course, one of the first singles off of his second album is titled “Sodium Girl”- so while you are reaching new food nirvanas, check out the chill sounds of this rising star.

Plus, I figure it kind of sounds like a super hero which is cool.

that’s me between the cute cow and hunk with the muscles

Maybe there’s a comic book hidden somewhere in all of this food talk.

Well, as much as I love action and adventure genres (because, who doesn’t love X-Men movies), why am I going to love this blog?

1. I love to eat tasty food and I bet you do too. So trust me that I can help you turn your cooking limitations into opportunities for major creativity and flavor.

2. I am a self-taught “chef” – cookbooks and Food Network shows will do wonders for your culinary skills – so I am positive that you will be able to replicate these recipes and create stunning no sodium meals.

3. I love to wear Canadian Tuxedo jumpsuits. Especially on birthdays.

4. I have sweet dance moves. Well, okay. One sweet dance move.

5. And most importantly, I aim to live life to the fullest and am always down for an adventure or unique experience and I can hopefully inspire you to do the same.