April 2, 2014

Low-Sodium Coconut Cinnamon Ice Cream

Plug your ears, because everyone is about to scream for ice cream. Something happened last week. I baked a batch of botched gingersnap cookies, which I promptly turned into crumbs with the help of a plastic bag and a heavy pan. I then made those crumbs into a pie crust (which also resulted in a major baking fail). And then, after all of that, I decided to make ice cream. Without dairy. Without an ice cream maker. Without having ever done it before. Now before I go on to tell you about this ice cream, let me tell you a […]

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December 24, 2011

Low-Sodium Egg Nog

Warning: There is avocado in this recipe. And this is not a warning to turn around and run away from this egg nog. This is a warning that socks will be blown straight off by the creamy lusciousness that is this sodium-friendly drink. The all-natural, gluten, vegan, low-sodium wizardry comes from the bloggers at Cocomama and the only ingredients I left out were the banana (cause I didn’t have one) and the liquor (because it was 10am). But you can definitely make this drink as is. And how’s that for a Christmas miracle? Give it a literal whirl tonight, tomorrow, anytime to […]

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December 13, 2011

No Buttermilk, Yes Sweet Potato Biscuits

I’m a planner. When I start my day, I usually know how I want to spend every single second of it. I overstuff and jigsaw errands, work, and various activities, until  everything I want to accomplish snuggly fits within the hours of daylight (and many in the dark) that I have to play with. But I’m also human. Which means my perfectly stacked agendas easily crumble to pieces when a last minute doctor’s appointment, broken lock, minor kitchen fire, or two hour wait at the social security office completely throws off the schedule. Of course, at this point in my […]

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July 21, 2010

Low Sodium Avocado and Fish Soup

I’m beyond thrilled to present to you the first ever post of the Salt-Free My Recipe series. Today’s make-over is brought to you by none other than our good friend Mark Bittman (who always comes through in a pinch) because the submission box was a bit bare this week. Ahem, ahem. So for future posts, don’t let Mr. Bittman have all the fun (or hog the spotlight) and remember to email or comment below with your salt-free recipe challenges. Ok, so back to this week’s “submission.” Last night, our wonderful blogger group (which continues to grow by leaps and […]

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January 4, 2010

Crispy Fried Chicken

Happy new decade! I have a great feeling about this one and since I am always scheming on how to push the boundaries of low sodium cooking, I have a lot of fun low sodium projects ahead. The last weeks of 2009 were filled with a host of low sodium feasting and as promised, these next few days will be spent recapping each delicious bite: low sodium tamales, low sodium Chinese chicken salad, low sodium dream bars, low sodium gumbo. They are all coming your way and will blow your mind in due time. But to kick us off, I […]

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