Soy Sauce

July 1, 2016

Low-So Asian-Inspired Pantry

HOW IS IT JULY!? I feel like we just started to celebrate the arrival of cherries and figs and tomatoes (and my new book, LOW-SO GOOD). And suddenly, the big mid-summer holiday is upon us. One filled with burgers, grills, red-checkered potlucks. And of course FIREWORKS. But this Fourth, don’t just look in the sky for something explosive. Look in your cabinet. Because if you are well-stocked, you’ll find some banging flavors to play with, full of color and surprise, that will leave you in “ahhhh” (get it? bad firework/food joke.) So instead of typical BBQ fare, play with your food and spice things up […]

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September 12, 2012

Joy Bauer and Low-Sodium Lo Mein

When it comes to healthy eating, do you know who’s the boss? Joy Bauer. This little package of high energy and healthy eating advice knows the ins and outs of the foods we love to eat. And in her new series, “What the Heck,” made in partnership with Everyday Health, she’s exposing the good, the bad, and the better choices. From fro yo to hot dogs. While her videos are not salt-intake specific, you’ll be surprised how often sodium makes an appearance. And how much of it ends up in processed foods. Plus, it never hurts to brush up on other […]

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June 14, 2012

Low-Sodium Spicy Green Beans

Do you remember that show, My Two Dads? It was about two guys (duh) raising a daughter. Kind of like Three Men and a Baby, but with a lot less Ted Danson and a lot more of a dude that looks like George Michael. I have two dads now. My father and my father-in-law. Neither looks like Ted Danson nor George Michael. But they both like each other. A lot. This obviously wasn’t a requirement for my matirmonial arrangement, but it really worked out for the best. They talk politics and sports, burgers and beer. And both love to find […]

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June 17, 2010

Low-Sodium Yakisoba

For the second installment of the new, Biting Mr. Bittman series, I figured I should stop fooling around, take a big risk, and attack a recipe that relies heavily on salt. You know, just in case Mr. Bittman is actually reading this blog–good morning, Mark!–and wants some proof that this Sodium Girl really knows how to cook everything, without salt. So I scoured his recent recipes for a true challenge–searching for a dish that usually comes in a take-out box and that uses a lot of soy sauce–basically, something of Asian origin. And after sifting through asparagus pesto and laid-back […]

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January 7, 2010

Truth In Advertising

The culprit: Dragonfly Brand Dark Soy Sauce. The problem: Up until one night ago, I was under the impression that this was an unbelievable low sodium soy sauce substitute. The well-worn, nutritional label on the bottle I own says that it only has 55 mg of sodium per 1 tablespoon. But on Temple of Thai, a site that sells the imported sauce, states that there is a whopping 510 mg of sodium per tablespoon. Curious indeed! While I clearly need to do more investigating on this particular subject, my moment of being hoodwinked reminded me of a very important topic: […]

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