February 12, 2016

Low-So Sauces

For anyone tackling a low-sodium diet for the first time, start by making sauce. Lots of sauce. From scratch. Why? Because when the fridge is full of colorful sauces, that YOU made, your food will never be without flavor. People tend to fear that low-sodium food means bland, boring food. And of course, this is not true. There are more spices on the spice rack than just salt. And beyond seasoning, it’s easy to enhance a dish just by adding texture (think: toasted nuts) or unexpected additions (think: cauliflower stuffed burgers) or smells (think: fresh mint). But there’s something about drizzling a sauce over a thick steak, […]

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June 12, 2012

Low-Sodium Asian Slaw & Spareribs

I know it’s Father’s day this weekend. But I want to talk about grandparents. My grandparents. Nana and Papa. Yeah, they were as adorable as they sound. Their house was filled with knick knacks and chachkis from around the world. Shoots and Ladders. Tons of crossword puzzles. Books by Shell Silverstein. PBS programming. Origami paper and party hats for crafting. And re-crafting. And then fashion shows for everyone after dinner. The kitchen was filled with Hansen’s soda (because it was natural). The smell of toasted wheat bread. And a rotating schedule of cornflake crusted chicken parmesan and some other chicken dish […]

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May 17, 2010

Risotto, the San Francisco Treat

Creamy, warm, melt-in-your mouth delicious. I’m not talking about a chocolate fountain (although that sounds pretty good, even at 9am). I’m talking risotto, a traditional Italian rice dish that requires patience and love as you gradually coax the little rices to release their magical starch and create the illustrious, infamous texture that is good enough for the cooking gods. Now if you are anything like me, you probably think/thought/still think that risotto should be left to the professionals. And I’ll agree that yes, indeed, the professionals can make a mean bowl of delicately textured risotto while yours/mine/everyone else’s ends up […]

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July 6, 2009

Pea Soup

My mom, boy’s mom, and I decided to meet for lunch one beautifully sunny afternoon and I wanted to treat them both to something light, bright, and delicious. I was aiming to fix a meal that was quick to make, full of flavor, and of course, sodium-free. So, I settled on curried egg salad sandwiches and some cold pea soup – my cup of soup, of course, is the one topped with hot red chili flakes – it may have been chilled, but I am always hankering for some heat. The recipes are simple and the tastes are just complex […]

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