February 12, 2014

Egg in a Heart

Remember my good friend who didn’t have any special dietary needs but decided to put herself on a low-sodium diet for the month of January, just to put herself in my shoes for a little while and experience a whole new world of flavor makers? Well one thing you didn’t know was that when that friend decided to cut out salt and processed foods and embark on this routine shifting, meal changing experiment, she also started another life-altering adventure at the same time. She started dating a new dude. Yup. True story. Just as she was getting to know a […]

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March 8, 2012

Low-Sodium Corn Poblano Posole

When thinking about making posole, two things may seem to pose a challenge: time and the hominy. Now the whole “time” thing really isn’t much of an issue. While this recipe may seem complicated, it really just involves sticking things (peppers, chicken, soup) in pots and pans and letting them heat and cook. There’s no risotto-like ball-and-chain action here. Once you plop those ingredients in your cooking decive, you can seriously let them do their thing. On their own. While you do yours. So as for time? We’ve got that one covered. But hominy. That’s a challenge of a different […]

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March 1, 2012

Get Kidney Smart

It’s officially March. Which means it is Kidney Awareness month. Which means it is quiz time. (Don’t stress. I know you’ll kick butt). We talk a lot about low-sodium food. But let’s take, say thirty or so days, to explore kidney-friendly ingredients. And let’s begin with this simple question… What is red and sweet and low in both potassium and sodium? If you said peppers (without noticing the picture at the top of this page), then you are totally correct. And a total kidney-smart rockstar. For many kidney patients, tomatoes–and all their accompanying sauces and such–are too high in potassium […]

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May 27, 2011

Tomato Free Ketchup

There are some rules that I strictly adhere to: 1) White pants are always appropriate, even for dudes. 2) When it is raining, flip flops are a fine choice. 3) And ketchup is good on anything. Even pancakes. I’ll understand, though, if you use syrup. Now ketchup can cost you a few hundred mg of sodium depending on how much you squeeze. The brand I looked at today had 190mg of sodium in it. Per tablespoon. And I’m pretty sure neither you nor I are only going to use a tablespoon. That’s plain ridiculousness. Which is why I am so, […]

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January 18, 2010

Couscous, Sunny Side Up

First off, a gigantic thank you to Sodium Girl readers for passing on the link to Friday’s post. A big ‘ol check for $300 smackaroos is being sent off this afternoon to help recovery efforts in Haiti. And while I wish Ed Macmahon could be the one handing it over to the Red Cross, I think we can all be quite proud of participating in this necessary call-to-action. Now that our hearts are filled by good deeds, it is time to fill our tummies with good food. This rainy California weather demands something hearty and warm and this dish is […]

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