July 16, 2015

Low-So Grilled Party Kebabs

Oh, hey! We are entering yet another summer weekend. Which means another excuse to heat up that BBQ. And today, I want to talk about skewers. Or kebabs. Or whatever you want to call grilled food on a stick. Because these finger foods make for an easy canvass to play with big flavors and bright colors. Which means an easily adaptable feast that will please both low-so and non-low-so guests. And let’s face it, will show that BBQ’s don’t have to just be about burgers and buns. Last year, I did a project for my good friends at Mrs. Dash to […]

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February 1, 2010

Once You Pop, You Can't Stop

Sometimes, it’s nice to take tradition and flip it on its head. The oyster po’ boy sandwich is an old favorite – a seaside comfort food that stirs up memories of overcast Half Moon Bay weather, a cold brew, and a bonfire.  There is something clunky and majestic about this treat that calls for it to be eaten from a paper boat plate, away from the rugs and white couches of one’s home.  So to make it a home-cook, classic, I needed to repackage the recipe and turn it into a one-bite wonder.  I took all of the sandwich’s magical […]

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