May 27, 2016

Low-So BBQ Pantry


On the eve of this long, BBQ-filled weekend, I wanted to give you one last tip (or, I guess, a pantry-full of tips) to make sure you stay well-fed and low-so satisfied throughout the holiday.

Above are a few of my favorite pantry items to use/bring at your next grilling gathering — whether you host or attend as a guest: (1) low-so mustard; (2) salt-free ketchup or (3) salt-free canned tomatoes to make your own ketchup replacement (just don’t forget to add your own spices, vinegar, or even jam for extra flavor!); (4) smoking chips for extra smoky flavor — add directly to coals or put in a smoking box (and follow manufacturer’s directions); (5) horseradish to kick things up a notch because it tastes totally AH-MAZING mixed into burgers of the fish, bean, or meat variety; (6) jam and balsamic vinegar, which makes the best steak sauce swap; (7) butter lettuce leaves in place of buns — but check out these other ideas, too; (8) my bacon-spice mix.
IMG_5925 Burger Bowl

Also, don’t forget, that for other bun-free options, you can roast some sweet potato or yam rounds and use them like burger buns. Or make a burger bowl with riced cauliflower as your base. Just don’t forget to make or bring extras, because its always nice to share. And trust me, all these low-so ideas and ingredients are bound to be big hits with any guest.

Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Camille June 5, 2016 at 1:28 pm

Just wanted to say that your blog is amazing! My doctor just told me that I have hypertension, and I am only 24. Thanks for all the cooking inspiration! Helps make my current situation seem a lot less daunting. Please keep the posts coming! <3

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