April 20, 2017

Low-So Good Unicorn Oatmeal

I’m not one that usually goes for foods fads or hashtag trends.

Not because I don’t like them. Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of spaghetti donuts or bacon “bread” or Oreo stuffed cookie dough. These crazy food mash-ups have all taken the Internet by storm and they all sound amazing. And fun. And I’m always down to play with my food.

The problem is, because I’m a mainly whole foods, real ingredients, less bacon and more parsley kind of gal, I can’t really eat these things (is it rude to call them “things”?) And I tend to stick to my own, less likely-to-go-viral but more likely-to-keep-me-healthy combinations. Like bagelspiced egg muffins and cauliflower chorizo. I like trading bad stuff for good stuff. And then putting it in a waffle iron.

But recently I’ve been switching things up as a part of Phoebe Lapine’s book launch for her new guide, The Wellness Project. She takes on one mini wellness project each month for a year, to see how small adjustments might provide big results. And as a way to celebrate the release of the book, I’m taking on my own #4weekstowellness project.

I decided to refresh my morning routine.

This means shaking my coffee habit, drinking beet lattes, and maybe (maybe!) doing some oil pulling. Just to see how much better I might/could/will feel. I’ve also been trading TV time for walks and podcasts. And even taking quite moments to sit in the sun versus get everything on my to-do list crossed off.

It’s amazing that by making one minor shift, you feel suddenly motivated to make other alterations. And things that felt so sacredly habitual loose their addictive qualities. You no longer crave a 2% double shot latte, but the good feel buzz and energy burst you get from fresh air and a warm cup of ruby red beet juice. Turns out, when you give your body what it needs to function, it actually performs better. And that can put you in a pretty darn good mood. But health doesn’t have to mean boring or bland. Sometimes, keeping your spirit fired up is equally important and invigorating as swishing coconut oil in your mouth.

Which brings me back to fads. And this OVERNIGHT UNICORN OATMEAL.

I’ve seen a lot of “unicorn” foods, from waffles to bagels to toast. And now, Frappacinos. Some made with real ingredients and others with what looks like leftover paint from last year’s Coachella. But no matter the recipe, the outcome stays the same: joy. And so does the take-away: food should be fun! And why should that only apply to junk food? Why can’t that be true for healthy food, too?

So while I change-up my morning routine, I thought I might as well add some spunk to keep things interesting. And with the help of Mother Nature’s own rainbow palette, I created some real food magic. And a new unicorn trend that’s filled with brain and body-boosting fruits and veggies. That will put a smile on anyone’s face, even on a Monday morning.

The non-recipe is quite simple. First, pick out your colors.

Red: beet juice!

Pink: raspberries or strawberries

Yellow: mango or pineapple

Orange: cantaloupe

Blue-ish Purple: blueberries

Grey-sih Blue: Blackberries

Green: Spinach or Avocado

Then, for each layer, I blended about 1/2-ish cup of fruit or veggie with about 1/4 cup coconut milk until smooth. Then I added that to 1/2 cup gluten-free rolled oats until well-combined and thick. If it seems to liquid-heavy and runny just add more oatmeal. Then, I plopped that layer of colored oats into the mason jar. And I repeated these steps with other fruits/veggies until I had all my layers. Refrigerate the oats until softened, about 4 hours minimum or overnight.

You can then eat the oats straight out of the fridge or at room temperature. And to finish it off, top it with coconut yogurt. Or if you really want an after dinner or Sunday brunch treat, add a huge glob of coconut whipped cream to the top! Of course, you can always heat up the oatmeal first before adding the creamy flare.

For an even more magical effect, crush dried raspberries and blueberries to sprinkle on top. And just imagine the minds you would blow if you made some sugared fruit, too.

There so much room to be playful here. So go ahead and add that flax and chia. Or colorful jimmies. Or tasted coconut. This OVERNIGHT UNICORN OATMEAL is yours to explore and enjoy.

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