May 6, 2016

Low-So Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day 1

Two posts in one week?! Something special must be a-brewing. And that something special is a big celebration on Sunday to honor all things Mom. You know — that amazing woman (or women) in your life who will pick up the phone at 2 am, drop everything to be by your side, and is pretty much always right. Or in other words: the ultimate boss lady.

So I thought I give you some visual inspiration (and links) to some easy, healthy, flavorful, mom-approved meal ideas for this upcoming weekend. Whether you plan on having a family feast or just a intimate snuggle sesh in bed.

Like: Root vegetable waffles. Sweet potato fish cakes. Mini “bagel-spiced” egg muffins or hash brown-crust quiches. Cucumber baguettes. Eggs baked in tomatoes. Butter lettuce leaf “spring rolls.” Tortilla pizzas with summer stone fruit. Banana bread muffins with party trick whipped cream (see recipe below). Grilled peaches egg benedict. Pancake cakes. Easy peas-y smashed pea and yogurt spread. And purple sweet potato muffins (although regular orange sweet potatoes work, too.) Enjoy. And, thanks mom!

Mother's Day 3

Eggs in Tomatoes

Mother's Day 5

Mother's Day 4

Pancake cakes

Mother's Day 6

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