May 16, 2014

Low-Sodium Rosemary Party Meatballs


Here’s the situation: you have guests coming over. Yes, guests. Who expect to be fed and entertained and have their eyes, mouths, and bellies filled with memorable bites. And now, you’re panicking.

But don’t panic. And don’t hire a caterer. And don’t serve cold beans out of a can. That would be a mistake.

Because there is a really simple trick to successfully feeding guests while sticking to your low-sodium ways. And it doesn’t have to cost extra time or money. All it takes is a little creativity and color.

Take meatballs for example.

Meatballs are the perfect party dish. They’re easy to make. They offer an awesome carnivorous canvass for you to explore new low-sodium flavors and spice combinations. And on their own, even without a sauce, meatballs taste amazing. But a plate of brown roasted balls? Yes, delicious! But as for the “appetizing looks department”… they’re lacking a bit.


Now take peaches and rosemary.

With this simple addition (i.e. color and creativity), you’ve just elevated your meatballs. By stripping rosemary sprigs of their bottom leaves, you’ve made a perfect skewer for those meatballs. By adding the rosemary to the meatball mixture, you’ve added fresh flavor. By pairing the meatball with roasted peaches, you’ve designed an unexpected flavor bomb of juicy fruit. And in sum: you’ve created the wow factor that was missing and successfully taken the common meatballs from humdrum to unbelievable. No caterer necessary.

So the next time you have guests coming over (or you are whipping up a simple weeknight meal), take a few minutes to channel your good friends color and creativity. And give your dishes a little boost of excitement.

ps: Thank you all for your patience as my postings have slowed down a bit. But I promise this is all for you and your tastebuds. Becuase I am nearing the finish line of my completing my manuscript for my SECOND BOOK to be published in 2016 by Chronicle. I am hoping to fill it with lots of color and creativity (and meatballs) and am spending every ounce and teaspoon and sprinkle of free time perfecting each word and measurement. Come July, I’ll be back to regular postings and recipes. So again, thank you for sticking with me! Now go eat.


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