Resto Recs

Restaurants, frozen yogurt shops, and everything in between—eating out on a low-sodium diet can be easy and enjoyable.

If you want to check out some of the Sodium Girl tested and approved restaurants, head over to the CATEGORIES over on the right side-bar of your screen and click on the DINING OUTtab. This will link you to all my posts on eating beyond the kitchen. You’ll find restaurant reviews as well as my tips on ordering safely (and salt-free) from the kitchen.

Or, you can go ahead and click the YELP! button you see on the right side-bar or below.

If you haven’t used YELP! before, it is an amazing site where users review businesses of every kind–hairstylists to plumbers. But for our salt-free needs, I have started a list of the low-sodium-friendly restaurants that I frequent.

Currently, the list is short. But with your help, I hope to grow it so that we cover many states, many meals, and many genres of food. So let me know about your successful salt-free food experiences by commenting here and I’ll add it to the YELP! list. And the next time you’re traveling to Tennessee or Timbuktu, you can just click on this map to find a treasure of low-sodium lunch spots, breakfast haunts, and romantic tables for two.