January 9, 2014

Travel Tips: Pack to Snack

Packed Low-Sodium Lunch

True, the holidays are over. But that doesn’t mean your travels are. And whether it is a much needed destination vacation, a visit to family, or a last minute flight for work, every trip requires preparation. And for those with special diets, the packing list has a few extra items to tend to. Mainly, food.

But dietary limitations don’t have to take the spontaneity or flavor out of your adventures. Nor do they have to add stress to well-deserved R and R. With a little extra effort, anyone with any dietary needs can stay full no matter where the journey takes them. So before you takeoff for a post-holiday trip, make sure to pick up and pack up these essential travel items that will keep you satisfied and within your dietary needs.

Emergency Bites: For plane rides, layovers, and long afternoons of travel, it’s important to have SOS snacks with you, in your bag, at all times. My favorites include granola bars, nuts and seeds, berries and dried fruits, and individual nut butter packets.

Carry On: For longer trips, pack that suitcase with heartier, non-perishable items that will fit easily and lay flat (i.e. no crumbled potato chips). I personally like items with more bite to them, like rice crackers, tortillas, dried soups (that only need hot H2O), and even protein-rich boxed beans. Yes, you can find them in boxes now which means no can opener necessary.

Just Heat It: Other perfect suitcase stuffers include microwaveable items like oatmeal, rice, popcorn, or even your own banana bread mix for a warm morning treat.

BYO Spice: Even if you leave your kitchen and cupboards behind, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to flavor too. Buy small jars and fill them with your favorite spices or spice mixes. You can even use airplane approved toiletry bottles for dressings and sauces. Just be sure to pack these liquids in a ziplock bag to prevent smelly spills.

Kiddie Menu: And if things get dire, don’t forget about the baby aisle! That’s right, blended baby food is nutrient rich, low in sodium, and these days, not too shabby. Especially the fruit blends. So pack a few squeeze packets to go. Just in case.

Be sure to check out the Well Well Well blog for more insider travel tips and remember that with a little forethought, your special diet has no boundaries and no borders.

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