October 13, 2010

A New Groove

A low sodium education is a life-long project. Even after seven years of constant research, reading, and experimentation, I still find myself learning about new products (with no salt!) and discovering that others (which I’ve enjoyed for some time) have a higher sodium content than I would expect.

Case and point: fruit juice.

Now, a smart lady or gentleman (like myself) would most likely figure that fruit juices – which one assumes contains some fruit – would be virtually low in sodium, if not sodium free. But here’s the surprising truth: (a) many bottled juices do not actually contain real fruit but fruit flavorings and other processed goodies to make them taste “good”, and (b) these man-made flavors can drive the sodium content to surprisingly high levels.

And is a glass of faux cran apple really worth it?

When you can sip on something that is more nutrient rich and low in sodium, the answer is clearly no.

Thankfully, all juices are not created equal and the Bossa Nova Superfruit Juice line is created with thought and care. Oh, and real fruit too.

I was lucky enough to sample six of the fresh-pressed, wonder drinks – thank you Edelman PR – all of which hover around 25mg of sodium per bottle. Each juice is built upon the power of goji berry, acai, or mangosteen – fruits which provide amazing health benefits – and then other flavors like peach, tart cherry, and mango are added to round out the taste sensation.

As for the packaging, the bottles are so colorful that you want to collect them all. And they each include an explanation about the super fruit (which is super cute) and a list of ingredients (which are all familiar and easy to read).

Quench your thirst with these low sodium fruit drinks and simultaneously reduce inflamation, boost your immunity, and protect your heart from cardiovascular disease (and maybe even cupid’s arrow – to be tested). They taste as good as you’ll feel.

Sodium Girl Note: Because the drinks are all made with at least 80% juice, they are thicker than most watered-down varieties. So if you prefer a thinner texture, I suggest mixing with some sparkling water or using these juices for homemade popsicles. And don’t overlook their potential for low sodium, sweet and savory cooking creations. Reduce one of the many flavor combinations with balsamic vinegar, port, and even some freshly chopped stone fruit or dried cherries. In moments, you have a healthy topper for coconut ice cream or a rich sauce for a glistening pork chop. Antioxidants pair well with meat.

Keep your low sodium fridge stocked with these super tasty, super fruit drinks and keep your body full of vitamins, energy, and flavor.

Drink on.

Katie October 13, 2010 at 8:30 pm

I’ve been a huge fan of Bossa Nova drinks for a while, and with newfound health issues requiring me to cut my sodium intake, am glad to know they are low sodium also. I love mixing them with seltzer water because it makes them last longer, and they’re just as yummy. Cooking possibilities too? Hadn’t thought of that.

jim bradley November 26, 2012 at 11:42 am

We used to drink raspberry flavor – can you explain why it seems to be no longer available? Seasonal or eliminated permanently?

thank you

jessg23 December 13, 2012 at 4:49 pm

I’m not sure, but I would contact the company if they have a number on the website!

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