November 19, 2015

Low-So Good Thanksgiving Roundup

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I repeat: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. That’s because it marks the start of “snuggle” season, where the air gets cooler. The neighborhood gets covered in lights. The music on the radio changes from Top 40 to jingle bells. Evenings get filled with alternating smells of squash soup and cinnamon. And, as for the holiday itself, the home and the table gets filled with tradition, memories, and family and friends. But if you’re on a low-so or really ANY kind of special diet, holiday season may give you both stress and indigestion. And that’s because so […]

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July 16, 2015

Low-So Grilled Party Kebabs

Oh, hey! We are entering yet another summer weekend. Which means another excuse to heat up that BBQ. And today, I want to talk about skewers. Or kebabs. Or whatever you want to call grilled food on a stick. Because these finger foods make for an easy canvass to play with big flavors and bright colors. Which means an easily adaptable feast that will please both low-so and non-low-so guests. And let’s face it, will show that BBQ’s don’t have to just be about burgers and buns. Last year, I did a project for my good friends at Mrs. Dash to […]

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November 24, 2014

Roasted Lamb Thanksgiving Roundup

Alright friends. Get ready for a roundup of Thanksgiving dishes that is going to be bigger than last year’s 26-pound turkey. Hint: anytime you see anything bolded in orange, that is a link to a recipe or tips. So click away for total Thanksgiving domination. But before we jump into the lentil gravy boat (see how I did that?) and talk stuffing, sides, and other non-traditional dishes, let me say this about this year’s low-sodium holiday feast: break tradition. I give you permission. It’s the easiest way to free yourself from the salty brines and canned soups, and create a whole new […]

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June 14, 2013

Strawberries for Papa

Last week, I got a sweet treat: two days of frolicking in the strawberry fields of Carmel Valley care of California Strawberries. I called it my summer straw-cation. And I know. Is this real life? Turns out, it is. And yes, I wore strawberry pink pants. Obviously. From the fields to the bar to the dinner table, this “work” trip was all about strawberries all day long. We met multi-generational farmers, toured strawberry chilling facilities, stood inside huge strawberry trucks, and even had a strawberry “Iron-chef-like” smack down (which my team won, salt-free, NBD). And while I learned some really […]

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January 2, 2013

Love and Bok Choy

Most people talk about the five essential tastes: sweet, savory, salty, sour, and umami. But there is a sixth taste that makes even a simple chicken dinner something memorable: love. Love is the most powerful ingredient in your kitchen. Love pairs with everything from fish to waffles to tomato soup. Love is more precious than black truffles and lobster. Not to mention way less expensive. Love is always in season and always sustainable. Love is something that everyone can afford, that everyone can share, and that everyone can eat. There are no restrictions on love. And you can never use too […]

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March 13, 2012

Low-Sodium Nuggets for Nick Cannon

In case you missed it, there was big news in the lupus and kidney world last week. Nick Cannon, star of such films as Drumline (which I’ve watched three times in one night — thank you TBS), the host of America’s Got Talent, and hubby to Mariah Carey announced that his recent kidney troubles are due to a form of lupus that attacks the kidneys, called lupus nephritis. Sound familiar? What’s thrilling for the lupus and kidney disease communities is that Nick is so open about his diagnosis, helping raise major awareness about both conditions. But what is equally exciting […]

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February 2, 2012

Low-Sodium Super Bowl

I apologize for the brevity of this post. But as I run out the door, hair half-dried, sweater half-on, I wanted to make sure you were prepped and ready for the big game on Sunday. Of course, there are all my old super bowl favorites, which can be found here on this newish nifty site, Pinterest. But I also wanted to pass on a few tips for you to add a low-sodium, flavorful twist to other classic Super Bowl favorites. The first, hot wings. And not just any hot wings. Mandarin Orange Hot Wings. We’re talking sweet and spicy and […]

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January 27, 2012

Lo-So January Week 4: Chelsea Salt-Free’s Her Very Own Recipe

The girl doesn’t need any introduction. So let’s just get to straight to words from Chelsea and week four of her heroic journey through the low-sodium world… Week Four has been marked by two milestones: entertaining Low-So style and branching out beyond Sodium Girl’s ravishing recipes to create my very own. Last weekend, I hosted a little fête for a friend’s birthday and really wanted to showcase some tasty low-so treats. Remember: I live below the Mason-Dixon Line. Three amigas of mine host an annual Bacon-Off (and, it’s incredible/one of my favorite days of the year). Sodium is alive, well, […]

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September 2, 2011

Kohlrabi Chicken Salad

Here we are on our last day of the kohlrabi adventure. Most of our kohlrabi has been enjoyed in the raw. Or as art. But it’s time we enjoy this green veggie in a sandwich. With some curry and paprika. Some Greek yogurt. A pinch of freshly ground black pepper. Some quinoa (for texture). And of course, juicy chicken thigh. Cooked. I just popped these suckers in the oven at 375 dg F for 45 minutes, until the inside was no longer pink, and mixed it in with the kohlrabi cubes and other ingredients. And in less time than it […]

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August 10, 2011

Chicken Thighs and Pineapple Relish

Cooking Light created a party on a plate and they’ve invited you to all join in. And eat. And enjoy. Party hats optional, but dancing pants required. Thanks to a little blogger love from the wonderful magazine, I get some of their latest dishes before they go to print. And the best part is that I can then share them with you. It’s like looking into a culinary crystal ball and seeing your dinner future. Which, this week, is a quick fix of Southwestern Chicken Thighs topped with a snappy Pineapple Relish. Beyond being glad that they didn’t call it […]

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