March 17, 2015

Low-So Green Sauces

Pardon the interruption of Salt-Free Salt month. But I though, it being St. Patty’s day and all, I’d bring you something green. Well two things: First, my Low-So Spinach Sauce. And then, my Kale Pesto French Toast. They are both superhero condiments of edible proportions. So let’s start with spinach. I love this sauce not just for it’s velvety texture. Nor its tangy taste. Nor the fact that you can sneak in a whole load of vegetables into your next pasta, salad, or steak dinner. What I love so much about this sauce (or dressing, depending on how you use it) is that it uses spinach. […]

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February 9, 2010

Cooking with Kaz – The Novel

I’m sure none of you could sleep well last night, awaiting today’s big reveal of Kaz’s five-course, Shojin feast.  I think I’m personally working on about four hours of sleep.  So let’s jump right in and get to the good stuff.  I just can’t wait any longer. Last Friday, I invited three friends over to share in my low sodium, Japanese cooking project and our evening with Kaz couldn’t have been more special.  He is one of the warmest people I have ever met and Kaz immediately made himself at home.  He regaled us with stories from Japan, LA, and […]

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