December 12, 2014

Party Trick: Peppy Chocomallow Bites

Okay, here’s the scene. You have a holiday potluck, party, cookie exchange, FILL IN THE BLANK BAKED GOOD FESTIVITY. And like me, you don’t have a “knack” for baking. Or an oven. Or flour. Or butter. Or time. Or FILL IN THE BLANK REASON FOR NOT BAKING. So what do you do? Showing up empty handed isn’t an option. Nor is buying pre-made treats as most cookies and muffins are filled with baking powder, baking soda, and salt. And really, whose that impressed by a box full or decorated sugar cookies? But do you know what is a solution? Marshmallows covered […]

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October 31, 2014

Halloween Tricks and Treats

It is officially my favorite time of the year. Today I turn in round two of edits for the new low-sodium guide book (YES!) and I plan to celebrate with some apple cider, a big bowl of soup, and definitely a fistful or two of candy. But before you go bobbing for candy, check out these tips on keeping “healthy” during Halloween. I’m not talking about skipping the candy necessarily, but knowing where sodium may sneak into your sweets. And of course, some ideas of how to get that sugar rush without all the junk. Including this Chocolate Ginger Pomegranate […]

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April 18, 2014

Matzo-Tizers & Rocky Matzo Road

I promise we’re almost done with matzo makeovers. But seriously, matzo is one incredible low-sodium ingredient that can go from breakfast to dinner, from snacks to sweets. And I just can’t help myself. It is just so fun to play with them. So this weekend, when you find yourself with only minutes to prepare something wow-worthy for Eastover brunches and  sunny picnics (please, lord, let it be sunny), try these two easy matzo non-recipes. The first is the mighty Matzo-Tizer, aka matzo crackers covered in delicious things. You can spread the matzo with avocado, yogurt, or my favorite, a smashed […]

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March 29, 2013

Sneak Peep

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a sweet tooth. I have several. Actually, a mouthful. And I can’t help but eat handfuls of sweets at a time. Anytime. Like even morning time. Or nighttime. Or all the inbetween times. It’s kind of amazing that I’m not eating candy right now. I get gitty at the movies. I get a rush during the holidays. And I fall madly in love with anyone (friend or friendly bunny) that comes to my house bearing sour chews, licorice strips, chocolate covered anythings, and fluffy marshmallow treats. And last week, my […]

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November 23, 2011

Honey Five Spice Candy Apples

Before I sign off for a few days of feasting, I wanted to leave you with a sweet thought. Honey. Chinese five spice. Mini apples. They are a perfect final bite for any holiday meal. Or if you wrap them up real nice in some parchment paper, you can give them away as party favors for everyone to take home. The recipe does require some caution (hot caramel) and a candy thermometer. But other than those two warnings, it is extremely simple. And the results are extremely worth it. The original hails from natural cooking guru, Heidi Swanson, and her […]

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January 24, 2011

Maple, Granola Brittle 2.0

Last Friday, I wrote about my own recipe testing adventures for and lucky for me (and well, I guess you too) this website also has a few readers who are willing to get their own pots and pans dirty for the good of the team. If you’ve been following Sodium Girl for a while, you may remember the runny, gooey mess that was my attempt at making Salt-Free Maple, Granola Brittle. This was my first try at being a home-made Willy Wonka and I’m being kind when I say that I wasn’t successful. I not only failed to make […]

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