April 18, 2014

Matzo-Tizers & Rocky Matzo Road


I promise we’re almost done with matzo makeovers. But seriously, matzo is one incredible low-sodium ingredient that can go from breakfast to dinner, from snacks to sweets. And I just can’t help myself. It is just so fun to play with them.

So this weekend, when you find yourself with only minutes to prepare something wow-worthy for Eastover brunches and  sunny picnics (please, lord, let it be sunny), try these two easy matzo non-recipes.

The first is the mighty Matzo-Tizer, aka matzo crackers covered in delicious things. You can spread the matzo with avocado, yogurt, or my favorite, a smashed hard-boiled egg mixed with dry mustard and olive oil. Then top said delicious spread with  seasonal and colorful ingredients, like rainbow carrots and peppery radishes. And of course, fresh dill. I was also quite liberal with my favorite new spice, whole caraway seed, to add a balance of savory flavors. So go ahead and experiment with coriander and curry and sumac and something I’ve never even heard of.


Then, for something sweet, try this equally easy matzo rocky road recipe for Food52 (sans sea salt).

All you need is chocolate, sodium-free marshmallows, and something crunchy. I used puffed quinoa cereal but you can always use salt-free nuts. Or even throw in some dried pomegranates or plump cherries. Melt, mix, matzo. Then chill in the fridge. And you’re done. Good luck not eating it for breakfast.


And finally, if you’re so over matzo, then check out this other seasonal recipe with lamb, fennel, and yes, dill over on Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog, where you’ll find a new low-sodium dish every month.

Chow on.

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