July 4, 2014

Flexible Fourth Feasts

IMG_1831There’s good news and there’s nacho news.

The good news is that the manuscript for BOOK NUMBER TWO got handed in this week which means: 1) I’ll be back to my old low-sodium recipe and blogging antics starting next week and 2) THERE’S ANOTHER BOOK ON ITS WAY TO YOU!

In the meantime, for the holidays, I wanted to also tell you about this plate of nachos. They were made from a little nacho bar I whipped up–one that offered guests chips, dips, and lots of different toppings from beans to beef.

There were some higher sodium ingredients, like cheese, fancy hot sauce, and cheese. And then the rest was low-sodium. Some topping options were dairy free, some were meat free, and the chips were gluten-free. But all had a lot of flavor.

Basically, these nachos were meant for everyone. Nacho for one. Nacho for all. And that’s the principle behind flexible feasting. And actually hosting really great big get togethers.

Because whether your gathering a small group of friends or planning a huge backyard blow-out, chances are you’ll also be hosting a range of different dietary needs. And as a low-so super stud, you know how nice it is to have something to munch on. And by making a spread of options, you can do just that. For all your guests. Whatever the dietary need. Without spending too much money or too much time.

So this weekend, make your own flexible feast. Whether that’s a build-your-own nacho bar. A build-your-own salad bar. Or a build-your-own ice cream float bar. Whatever the dish, just start with a neutral main and then let your guests build and build and build to their stomach’s desire.

For more flexible feast inspiration (and instruction) check out the two spots I did on Access Hollywood Live and ABC with Food Coach Lori Corbin. And yeah, I was totally wearing the same shirt.

Happy long weekend to everyone. Feast on.

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