November 15, 2010

Do You Fuyu?

While it may not feel exactly like fall (oh hey, 70 degrees and sunny in November), the market sure looks like fall. Oranges, reds, and tans line the produce aisle and all the fun, cool-weather fruit and veggies are just begging to be eaten.

That’s how we find ourselves with the beautiful fuyu. Persimmon, that is.

There are two types of these golden fruits that you will typically find in the grocery stores and markets: fuyu and hachiya. The fuyu is stumpier and looks more like a mini pumpkin. It can be eaten raw, like an apple, although most people will advise you to peel the skin first. If you have the time. The hachiya, on the other hand, is more oblong in shape and is best when cooked, like in a pie or in a compote that tops some juicy pork chops.

This Thanksgiving, welcome persimmons to the family table and add their bright color and mildly sweet flavor to your cornicopia of treats. The culinary options with these fleshy fruits are endless. Simply cut a few fuyus and serve them plain as an appetizer. Or mix with arugula, apple, and a little balsamic vinegar for a simple, crisp salad to kick off the holiday carb fest. Sprinkle some pomegranate seeds on top and you’ll really have something special.

Or, if you want to get wild, add chopped fuyu to your stuffing (yeah, I said stuffing) for a surprising bite that will have your guests asking, what makes this stuffing so darn good? To which you’ll simply answer, Fu Yu, promptly followed by high fives for everyone at the table.

Persimmons are just another simple way to dress up your low sodium dishes, offering taste buds something different and delicious to munch upon. So if you have yet to fuyu, definitely pick one up the next time you see its orange skin shinning.

Chow on.

Magdalena CAbrera November 15, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Well, now you know what kind of salad I will be bringing to Thanksgiving!! : ^)

Tricia Bayless Browne November 15, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Wish I could give you several bags of these. Our tree is loaded this year. I keep giving them away. And my mom actually used the Fu Yu persimmons to cook with as well as to eat raw. (I still prefer the hichiya for cooking, but her steamed persimmon puddings were great with either.) Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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