January 5, 2012

Low-So January

My heart and kidneys are all a twitter because today, we start Low-So January.

Wait, let me back up.

Today, we start following Chelsea as she conquers Low-So January.

Before I really get into the nitty gritty details, let me introduce you to my friend.

This is Chels (the gorgeous one on the left). She’s wickedly smart. And funny. And talented. And modest. And beautiful inside and out. I know. I’m a lucky girl to have her in my life.

She also loves to cook and entertain and eat and eat out. All qualities I find incredibly essential for the people I collect in my life.

And for some crazy reason, this totally healthy lover of sushi and all things salty decided to take on my low-sodium diet for the month of January. No really. She did. And here’s why (in her completely unedited words):

Oh hi! I’m Chelsea and I have two reasons for diving into Low Sodium January. The first is curiosity. After reading and hearing a great deal about how much sodium is in the average diet, I’ve been wondering how hard it would be to cut down on my daily salt intake. This is a pretty real challenge, since I have a serious savory tooth.

The second and main reason for my Low-So Jan is Sodium Girl herself. Having known our beloved chef and author for a delicious decade, I’ve always been inspired by her creativity, positivity and ability to make just about anything- from an exam to a recipe THE most exciting thing in the universe. So here’s to the New Year and someone everyone should strive to be like in 2012: the one and only Sodium Girl.

(I’m blushing)

But back to the challenge.

Chelsea (the gorgeous one on the left) isn’t going about this in some wimpy way. She doesn’t live life like that. She’s a take charge kind of gal and if she was going to cut out the salt, she wasn’t going to simply sit alone in her apartment for the entire month and cook, salt-free at her stove. That would be too easy. And remember, she loves to eat out and entertain and be social.

So Chelsea isn’t just going to keep a low-sodium diet. She’s going to live a limitless low-sodium life.

During these next 30-some days, Chels will dine out (with the help of my trusty laminated card). She’ll serve low-sodium dinners to friends at her house and bring low-sodium dishes to share at other people’s tables. She’ll travel three times (THREE!), within the US for a weekend getaway and a bachelorette party, and even take an international trip to Mexico for a surf and yoga retreat. Cause she’s cool like that.

She’s basically packing in all the low-sodium challenges one could think of in a month. And I couldn’t have written this story plot better if I tried.

So how will Chelsea’s (the gorgeous one on the left) adventure relate to you?

First, INSPIRATION: If you have a loved one in your life who can benefit from a low-sodium diet, forward this on. Chelsea has no need to cut out the salt, but as she said, the recent media blitz on America’s over-salting made her want to try and get down to the recommended levels. And her go-getter attitude about this diet and her adventures this month will surely serve as motivation to others.

Second, CONFIRMATION: Nothing feels better than someone patting you on the back and saying, “good job.” Essentially, Chelsea’s interest in taking on this diet is her telling us all that we rock. That we do this everyday. And because we make it look like so much fun, she wants to join too. It’s also a reminder that we (the low-sodium crew) are never alone and that, when you let in your friends and family, you’ll be surprised by how excited they are to get involved and give your food a try.

And finally, EDUCATION: Remember how I said that Chelsea was wickedly smart? Well, with her fresh pair of eyes and taste buds on low-sodium living, I know she’ll discover things that we have yet to find ourselves. We’re going to learn a lot from this gal, so get your pad and paper ready. She’s already started product hunting at the grocery stores and airport terminals. And I can’t wait for the newfangled tips and tricks she discovers that will help make low-sodium even more limitless than before.

So starting tomorrow, you’ll hear from Chelsea every Friday about her adventures. You can also follow her on Twitter by adding @Chelseavm to your list of tweeps. And feel free to send notes of encouragement, questions, or advice by commenting below or through the Sodium Girl Facebook page or @SodiumGirl Twitter account.

We’ll also discuss challenges like low-sodium lunches, making your own microwavable meals, how to pack a good snack pack, how to boost flavor, and how to salt-free your favorite goodies. Like neat looking appetizers.

This is going to be so much fun.

Let Low-So January begin.


Lily B. January 5, 2012 at 11:36 am

GO CHELS! I’m impressed and inspired and ready to cheer you on. And nice dance moves in that photo.

LiztheChef January 5, 2012 at 12:32 pm

It’s a beautiful start to a low-so year!

Pat January 5, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Thanks Sodium Girl for introducing another foodie to a low sodium lifestyle. I’ll look forward to her adventures and picking up some new ideas. I’m also impressed that anyone would take on this low sodium life if they didn’t have to she must be a good friend! Go Chelsea, I’ll follow you on Twitter also.

waiwa January 6, 2012 at 9:37 am

low-so ladies looking good! excited to see what amazing food stuffs are created this year and the upcoming SG book as well. big year 😉

Monica Floyd January 12, 2013 at 8:31 am

I also recently discovered I have lupus. I came across a little article about Sodium Girl in Woman’s Day magazine. I am so thankful for this website because after doing my research on lupus, I decided to start a low sodium diet to prevent the very thing that happened to you. I did not want the lupus to affect my kidneys because my lungs are already being affected. I have pneumonia that hasn’t gone away in a month. I am praying for Chelsea and the success of this website.

Cathy Hanson April 26, 2013 at 1:02 am

I’m so glad I found your blog. My cousin loves salty food … almost like she’s addicted to it. I need to tell her to check this out! She’s already having problem with hypertension. And the doctor tells her its the food but she won’t listen… urrgghh!

Sauna Chic October 11, 2013 at 3:39 pm

I am trying hard to shed water weight. These low sodium recipes are incredible! Thank you SO much for posting!

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