October 30, 2013

Low-Sodium Candy Land

Candy Sodium Girl

I wish I could tell you that I pass out brussels sprouts on Halloween. Or that I fill my own trick or treat bag with kale chips and goji berries. But then I would be a liar. And people like liars as much as people who pass out brussels sprouts on Halloween.

So instead, let me give you the shocking truth. I have an insatiable sweet tooth/teeth/jaw. And while I make healthy eating my mission 364 days out of the year, there is one special night that I let my candy freak flag fly.


Let’s not dance around. Simply put: I LOVE CANDY. A lot. And when October 31st rolls around, it’s a sure thing that brightly packaged sweet treats end up in my drawers, my pockets, my hands, and most importantly, my mouth.

But before the sugar rush takes over, or I hire cries of being a traitor, let’s get two things straight.

One: I’m still all about healthy food. So into it that I made my one year old  eat a carrot muffin with yogurt frosting for her birthday.  I make cauliflower stuffed burgers for dinner. And most nights, I’m actually beyond satisfied with frozen cranberries for dessert. Really.

And two: When I do hop on that candy train, I make sure to  keep things low-sodium.

That’s right, fellow sugar friends, most processed candy have LOADS of sodium in it. So when you do decide to treat yourself to  treats, it’s important to at least remain diligent and educate yourself on which products are low to no-sodium. And which ones you should avoid (candy corn, people, candy corn).

So before Halloween arrives, take a moment to check out candy labels and come up with your low-sodium candy game plan. An added plus: you might find that it not only keeps you within your sodium limits, but it also might take that sweet bounty from “jumbo fun-size” to more appropriate portions.

And above all, remember, life and low-sodium eating is all about balance . Too much sugar can be just as bad as too much sodium. And brussels sprouts and ginger candy will always prove a better choice than Nerds.

But let’s also keep it real and prepare for those moments when you find yourself in a sticky, toffee coated situation, with a bag of chocolate, candy  what-nots, and Runts (preferably the banana ones). And you can do nothing but eat them. Education is just as important as balance. And with the right information, you can at least make the healthier choice.

So that’s my little trick for when you treat.

Just remember to pair that candy with a kale salad and beet burger.

Chow on. And Happy Halloween!

kristi@runkwrun.blogspot.com October 31, 2013 at 12:15 pm

One Day? Wow! You are stronger than myself. I started this candy train last week and haven’t stopped since. It’s rough, but I love fun sized Halloween candy. I don’t know what it is, but I’m helpless to its power.

With that, I have tried to eat balanced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Salmon and steamed veggies one day, quinoa salmon salad for lunch another, turkey burger and a small amount of thin fries, chicken and grilled veggies and roasted sweet potatoe, high fiber cereal and unsweetened almond milk…so hopefully I balanced. Although, my waistline doesn’t think so.

waiwa October 31, 2013 at 2:11 pm

love me some nerds, but the beet burger idea sounds delish 🙂

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