April 4, 2014

Low-Sodium Croque Madame

croque madame

Today, we head to France.

In first grade, I  got to choose between Spanish or French classes. This was at a moment in my life where I had just learned to tie my own shoes and ride a bike. But was still totally dependent on my elders when it came to things like bathing, eating, and pretty much getting anywhere besides my front driveway.

And it was at this exact moment, when I barely started to scratch the surface of big things to come, that I was  given the great responsibility of choosing a foreign language. A choice that would last with me well into high school and beyond. And pretty much affect my ability to speak with the majority of Californians. Forever.

I chose French. Probably because I love French fries.

And while I became fluent by eighteen, even capable of writing whole essays en Francaise, I found myself regretting my choice. It never seemed practical and there were rare occasions to practice my linguistic skills. Other than ballet class. And really, when are you going to say “pas de bourree” in a normal conversation. Awkward. Which is why I found myself jealous of friends in Spanish classes next door and I wondered, will my French ever be useful.

Well, voila, it turns out that when it comes to cooking, French is one of the mother cuisines. Sauces, techniques, even some of the greatest chefs are all francophones. There would be no Julia Child without France. Nor would there be an excuse to smother some freshly baked bread with cheese and fried eggs.

And that’s why today, we head to France. We celebrate the city, the language, and its love for decadence when it comes to food. We will get classy and make Croque Madames. Because sometimes on a low-sodium diet, you have to splurge. Not on more sodium, but on the special items — like low-sodium swiss cheese — that let you live out your most romantic food fantasies.

croque close-up

croque bite


So go ahead and buy yourself some low-sodium fromage.

Bake up some quick buns.

Toast, melt, fry, top with an egg hat, eat.

And bon appétit.

Happy weekend. Happy eating. And as always, on y va and chow on.

Cindy @ Cookies and Chemistry June 24, 2015 at 7:47 am

Wow! This looks so delicious. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe. Can’t wait to have this for lunch!

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