July 7, 2010

Dinner is Served

Say hello to a beautifully crafted, sodium-free bite of hamachi from Bar Crudo – the adorable raw bar and restaurant that sits on Divisidero street and serves up a flurry of fresh seafood, from sashimi to creamy clam chowder, that will blow your taste buds away. Who needed ’em anyways.

And while your eyes are glazing over at the sight of this wanton-shaped slice of fish, I’m guessing that your mind is buzzing with a few questions; most prominently, the quandary of why I am writing about a restaurant in Northern California when I promised to talk about my New York eating adventures.

Well first of all, your query and your attention to detail are both on point. I am breaking my writer’s promise. But as much as I hate to digress from what was expected, I do have to take a brief interlude from our east coast adventure to pay homage to the city by the Bay and its bounty of talented chefs. For it was here, against the backdrop of the Golden Gate, that I learned how to dine out, and dine well, on a low sodium diet.

As you can see from the picture above and previous blog posts, even with my eating restrictions, I am able to eat out with ease and because of them, I tend to be privy to special treatment by head chefs and restaurant staff that I would otherwise never receive. Against all odds and assumptions, it turns out that my dietary challenges do not keep me from enjoying the chowhound culture, but if anything, make me more connected to it.

But I was not always so confident or savvy when it came to eating at restaurants and for years I avoided any table but the one in my own kitchen. With gentle coaxing from supportive friends (aka a boyfriend who wouldn’t take no for an answer) and lots of experimentation, though, I came to find that eating out without salt was not only possible, but that there were plenty of generous, risk-taking, creative chefs who were more than happy to help.

So whether it is in the heart of NoPa in San Francisco or on the East Side of New York City, I know that I can always find something scrumptious to eat and that my dietary needs will never keep me from missing the thrill or joy that comes with dining on the town. And if you want to read about how my dining adventures began, check out my article in today’s Chronicle. I promise (and this time I’m keeping it) I’ll be back on Friday with the conclusion of my Big Apple feast and more sexy photos.

Until then, make a reservation somewhere special, call ahead to let them know you are coming, and enjoy a spectacular dish of food that is full of flavor, without the salt.

Chow on.

Joann July 8, 2010 at 9:05 pm

Honestly…you’re going to change the way people eat…and I’m going to be one of the happiest people in the Bay Area when you do! First the Examiner…now the Chronicle…did Alice Waters get this kind of exposure when she started the California Cuisine movement? I think we’re closer to finding out that salt is a much bigger health risk that anyone ever thought. You’re on the cutting edge of the next big food movement…and I can’t wait ’till chefs take an active role in making fabulous low sodium food. That will happen when more people take your advice…thanks Sodium Girl!

Perry - Asst Director of Operations @ Boulettes Larder July 9, 2010 at 1:43 pm


Thanks for the mention in the Chronicle (in addition to your blog post earlier in the year) and please do stop in again whenever you get the chance.

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