May 23, 2011

Bunny Bars

Hey. Congratulations.

We all totally survived that whole “end of days” thing. What a load of hype. There wasn’t a single meteor, no invasion by aliens, and hardly a tremor. I think the rattling I felt was just a combination of the wind and the Muni passing by. Sometimes I do think it’s an earthquake. Don’t judge. The supposed Rapture sure didn’t.

So, yeah, that whole apocalypse thing not happening was kind of a relief. Although we took full advantage of the buzz and hosted a party to celebrate. The theme: your last meal on earth.

I made low sodium meatball subs. Obviously. Was that even a question?

But the idea of impending disaster – whether real or highly dramatized – was also a good reminder to be prepared. To have your earthquake/apocalypse kits packed and ready to go. And I’m not just talking about water, first aid supplies, and a cross bow. I’m talking about filling those 911-bags with low sodium foods that are lightweight, nutritious, and low in salt.

I’ve found some great products already, which include things like individual packets of tahini butter and these other goodies. But finding a granola bar has always been a bit difficult. Between my salt-free needs and my nut allergy (ugh), there aren’t many cunchy oat snacks that I can eat.

Until Bunny Bars. Which are sold in WALGREENS. And are gluten, sodium, and nut free. Score.

They’re great for the emergency kit, as an afternoon snack, for hiking, for lunch boxes, for baseball games…

…and definitely good for magic shows too.

I think these treats may be marketed specifically for children. I just have a hunch.

But their taste is definitely appropriate for adults. A population that can eat chocolate at all times of the day without having to ask for permission. Ever.

So yeah, sodium-free Bunny Bars. Hop to it.

And chow on.

Natty May 23, 2011 at 9:01 am

yum. those look delish…the subs and the bunny bars. you know what other low sodium foods bunnies like? carrots. delish. ok, back to editing. love you

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