June 3, 2011

Recipe for Success

I’m totally fine doing things by myself. I can tie my own shoes and I can brush my own hair. I’ve even gone to Shabu Shabu alone, at 11:30 on a weekday because I had undeniable cravings. And that was absolutely fine by me.

But I find that life is a lot more exciting when you experience it with others. Especially with friends that make you laugh and keep you from poking yourself in the eye with a fork when you are supremely stressed out.

These past six months have been filled with a lot of cooking, writing, editing, and threatened eye-fork poking. And thanks to a bushel of supporting guys and gals, we somehow made it the the finish line. At least the first finish line of many sprints ahead.

Without you all, I couldn’t have made this

or that

or even this

It is the love and support of my family, friends, and all of you, coming to this silly blog every week and telling me that you like my pepper ketchup or my thoughts on French fries, that keeps me going when I run out of steam. Or eggs.

I am touched by those, who do not have to keep this low sodium diet, that still take it on with fury and enthusiasm. And I moved by those of you, who must keep this diet, that approach it with bravery and creativity.

I am also touched by the flowers I received from the staff at the coffee shop I lived in during these past six months.

And the over 400 pages that were lovingly edited by friends and family over two gigantic deep dish pizzas and a Mexican food buffet.

Starting next week, I’ll be back in the habit (Sister Act 2 reference) of posting goodies, tips, and treats. Just like old times.

Bringing you low sodium treats like this

and these

and even that, to brighten your day and your table.

Until then, thanks for your patience, your eyes, heart, and of course, your stomachs.

Chow on.

LB June 3, 2011 at 11:43 am

I have several things today.

1. YUM!!
2. Are those squash chips? I’m dying for one.
3. What is that amazingly delicous looking sandwich? I need one to go with my chips – see #2.
4. This blog is so far from silly that it’s silly.
5. Where do I preorder?

sodium girl June 6, 2011 at 7:51 am

1. Thanks! 2. Kind of…my attempt at salt-free “shrimp” cocktail 3. Actually, they are zucchini pancakes, stacked with a special spread in between 4. Thanks again! 5. Pre-order!? I’ll let you know when I do! Got to finish that thing first 6. XOXO you too

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