February 16, 2011

Tempting Low-Sodium Tempura

There’s a storm coming.

It’s true. California has been blessed lately with gorgeous, sunny weather (a little freaky since it is February). But that’s all about to change. Cause there is a storm on its way. Heading this way. At this very moment. At least that’s what Al Roker told me. And how do you not trust Al Roker?

But as for the gale force winds and torrential downpour everyone is expecting…well, these aren’t exactly the kind of storms that concern me.

Instead, my keen El Nino eyes are locked on the incoming flour tornados, soup explosions, meaty hail, and noodle thunder. That’s because my kitchen has turned into a culinary climate system of its very own.

At least three or four days a week, I’m averaging at least four to five new recipes. So the storm that’s coming? Well I guess I am responsible for it. I’m definitely cooking up a big one.

But what does this have to do with that sassy post title (can you tell I am the baby in the family?) or those sexy (yeah, that’s the word you were thinking of too) fried veggie nuggets?

Well as the storm is brewing and stewing, I am relentlessly recording my successes and failures with my camera. And I am desperate to share them with you all. But there is one caveat. I cannot give away the recipes. Not yet. Things like this tempura and the pad thai and ranch dressing I have spoken about before will all be in my cookbook coming out next fall (NEXT FALL!). Until then, mums the word, cooks the verb, and suspense will build.

In the meantime, though, I thought I could let you in on half of the secret and at least show you all the good treats you can look forward to noshing on next year. It will whet your appetite and maybe inspire you to take on some projects of your own. Or maybe it will even motivate you to email me with other ideas of foods you’d love to have, in a low sodium version.

I mean, if this

can turn into this

I’m pretty sure anything is possible. Like floods of thai coconut soup and cotton candy clouds. Oh wouldn’t that be nice. If only global warming was turning the world into one giant chocolate fondue pot. Le sigh.

So please devour these photos with your eyes and get excited about all the impossible eats that I will divulge in full detail in just over a year. And look forward to recipes, tips, and tricks every Monday and Friday to fill that empty space in your heart and stomach.

And if you still want more, well I got it for you. Because on Friday, fifteen amazing bloggers will give you fifteen new, unbelievable Love Your Heart Recipe Rally recipes, like low sodium “Goldfish” crackers, French onion soup, energy bars, and more.

With that, it’s high time to put on my high waters and brave this wacky world. And while I don’t believe in umbrellas, I think I’ll bring a bag with me, just in case these high pollen counts turn into threads of saffron and the drizzling rain transforms into meatballs.

Stay dry. Stay warm. Chow on.

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