November 15, 2011

Turkey Talk: Low-Sodium Thanksgiving Tips

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving. Seriously, the best holiday ever. One that is completely centered around gorging yourself silly. Oh, and spending awesome quality time with family and friends too. And parades. Lots of parades.

I generally like to spend my Thanksgivings in the comfort of my own home, in the comfort of my pajamas. But often, I’m invited warmly into the homes of others, to share in giving thanks. And eating from their buffet spread. In real people clothes.

As someone with very special dietary needs, though, I understand that the idea of eating at someone else’s table can make one more anxious than grateful. Worried that, on this Thanksgiving, you will either go hungry or to the hospital.

But fear not my fearless low-sodium eaters, because there are many ways you can enjoy a filling Thanksgiving meal, outside of your own home, without the salt.

From bringing edible gifts to your own entree, its easy to eat out and eat well. Even during the holidays. And you can find all the low-sodium Turkey tips here, on the Lupus Foundation of America Blog.

And if you are lucky enough to host the feast yourself this year, then check out last year’s post on how to keep all the scrumptious flavors and traditions, while keeping it low-sodium. Or forward it on to your host!

And if you are hankering for more low-sodium Thanksgiving advice, don’t you worry. Salt-free appetizers, mashed potatoes, heritage turkeys, and more are heading your way before the big day.

So for the time being, put on your pajamas and get ready to gobble on.


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