October 30, 2014

Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour


A personal chef and a personal trainer are not the only ways to personalize your health care. Just think about all the people surrounding you who keep you happy and strong.

There are of course the doctors and the nutritionists. And maybe an acupuncturist or physical therapist. But don’t forget about the guy behind the butcher counter who helps you choose a lean cut of meat and then explains how to best cook it. That chef who constantly prepares colorful and flavorful low-sodium meals that make your friends jealous. The clerk at your local pharmacy who answers questions about medication even after the doctor office is closed. Or the friend who motivates you to run every saturday morning, even when you’re super tired and that hill looks super impossible.

You may not realize it, but without the big price tag, you already have your own personal support staff, ready to encourage and inform and keep your health on track. But it is up to you to take advantage of the team.

Step one: Introduce yourself.

Whether it is that butcher, the chef, the pharmacist, or the dude/dudette always stair mastering next to you at the gym, take a moment to say hello. Chances are, you see him/her often. So strike up a conversation. Build a relationship. Thank them for all their help. And after getting to know one another, you’ll start swapping tips and advice and stories.

Step two:  Know yourself.

The key to getting the most from your personal health team is to know what you need. And those needs will constantly change as your body changes (and you celebrate more birthdays). So check in with yourself  often to understand what you’re doing right, what you can improve, and what new goals you want to set.

Want to get started? Well this November, you can do both steps in one stop during the Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour, in partnership with the National Urban League.

What is the Way to Well Health Tour, you ask?

First, it is a free event. Yeah, FREE! Where folks 18 years and older who wish to thrive can take some simple tests (i.e. blood pressure, body mass, glucose, and resting metabolism to name a few) to determine just how well they are staying well. It’s about prevention. Information. And motivation. All done in under 20 minutes. At your local community center or Walgreens Pharmacy. And again, for free.

But you’re super healthy, you say, so why would you want to go?

Well there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself. Who knows what you’ll learn. Maybe you’ll get a congratulatory pat on the back or some new ideas for how to eat, live, and be better. But there’s also nothing wrong with taking a family member or friend with you–the one who hasn’t had a check up since high school–to help them prevent issues before they arise and stay well for a long, long time. Health is truly the greatest gift of all.

Walgreens Balance® Rewards also make a pretty good prize. And with Balance Rewards, you earn points for every healthy choice you make. Which includes walking to the bus (maybe even running!), taking the stairs (elevators no more!), setting goals (sleep in this weekend), picking up prescriptions (what? that’s amazing) and oh yeah, taking one of the many tests offered at the FREE Way to Well Health Tour. All of which can be redeemed for dollars off future purchases, whether that is bandaids or holiday decorations.* You can even connect it to your fitness tracker. It’s a win-win situation, times one gazillion.


So get ready. Your personal health team is coming to Northern California in November (locations and dates below). A special stop happening at Sodium Girl’s very own Walgreens on November 9th!

November 5, Walgreens, 2201 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA – 12PM-6PM
November 6, Walgreens, 7155 24th St., Sacramento, CA – 12PM-6PM
November 7, Community Event at Woodbridge, 2401 Morning Brook Drive, Manteca, CA – 9AM-3PM
November 8, Community Event at Greater Sacramento Urban League, 3725 Marysville Blvd., Sacramento, CA – 9AM-3PM
November 9, Walgreens, 1333 Castro St., San Francisco, CA – 10AM-2PM 
November 12, Walgreens, 8298 Lander Ave., Hilmar, CA – 10AM-4PM

And if you live elsewhere, check out the website for information on when and where the bus will land in your neck of the woods.  I hope to see you there. Be well, stay well, live well. And be sure to post pictures of your “healthy selfie” using the hashtag #WayToWellTour.

* Restrictions apply. Limit 20 points per mile, 1000 points per month. Limit 20 points per daily weigh-in logged. Limit 20 points per blood glucose test, two logs per day. Limit 20 points per blood pressure test, one log per day. One-time award, 250 points each, when you pledge to quit and set a quit date online. Nicotine Replacement Therapy usage, limit 20 points per log, one log per day. Information provided to Walgreens online is covered by the terms of our Online Privacy and Security Policy and the terms and conditions of Balance Rewards. Personally identifiable information is not covered under HIPAA or the Walgreens Notice of Privacy Practices. For full program terms and conditions, visit com/HealthyChoices.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour. However, the opinions, genuine love of the store, and a passion for staying healthy are my own.

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