December 6, 2013

Weekly Obsession 12.6.2013

Holy December. Have you guys started your holiday shopping yet? I totally most definitely have not. I haven’t even written down my  wishes for pretty plates and new measuring cups and a sous chef named Jacques.
I have, however, been very busy eyeballing other people’s gorgeous holiday guides. HereHere. And Here. Which made me think that it is time to make a little list of my own (or perhaps several) to help you get or gift all the goodies one needs for a great low-sodium diet this holiday season.
To start, let’s talk about that beginner cook in your life. The one who is eager to get into the kitchen, but doesn’t know the difference between a spatula and serving spoon. Or a yam and sweet potato. But let’s be real, no one knows the difference between a yam and a sweet potato.
For this lucky gift getter, you’ll want to focus on tools that make cooking and cleaning easy.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Beginner Cook
I personally think that smaller is always better. When it comes to appliances, that is, not boxes of chocolate. That’s why a small rice cooker (item 3), a trusty hand blender (item 4), a teeny cuisinart (item 9), and a KitchenAid mixer (item 8) will mean quick dinners, breads, and pie crusts without breaking a sweat. Or breaking your back when trying to haul it out of the cupboard. And the words “dishwasher safe” are always lovely  to see.
Of course, basic cooking tools are also always a welcome treat too. Ceramic knives (item 1). Measuring cups and spoons (item 2). And cutting boards (item 7). You can’t go wrong here because you can never have too many of these in your kitchen.
And finally, to really encourage some  confidence, it doesn’t hurt to  throw in a few serving items. I’m talking pretty napkins, plates, and even a candlestick or too. And depending on your gift getter, I think the bolder and brighter the better. Because when you have trays and dishes that make you smile, you’ll want to use them. Which means you’ll want to cook. Which means I”m coming over for dinner.  So choose  colorful bowls (item 5), whimsical cups (item 11), playful silver wear (item 10), and the cadillac of the kitchen, a Le Creuset (item 6). Bling bling.
Don’t forget, there are always non-chemical cleaners from Method, a range of spices and blends from Penzeys, as well as books on books on books. I heard of one the other day called Sodium Girl’s Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook that is supposed to be a salt-free stunner.
And that my friends should get the holiday gift ball rolling. Next week we’ll talk about the Adventurous Eater. But until then, tell me: what items do you think are perfect for the beginner cook?
Gift on.
Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Beginner Cook

waiwa December 6, 2013 at 11:30 am

great gift ideas!

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