February 21, 2014

Weekly Obsessions 2.21.14

Winter White Five Minute Egg

We talk a lot about our palates. But today, let’s  talk about our palettes.

The color wheel. The rainbow. The wide array of grassy greens, sunny yellows, and juicy purples to choose from when decorating your dinner plate.

Playing around with the hue of your ingredients is just as important as playing around with sweet, spice, sour, and even salty flavors. Because when something looks good, it magically starts to taste good too. And by pairing  pleasant looking foods together, you will easily take low-sodium dishes from palatable to crowd-pleasing.

Which is why this simple winter white salad with dashes of dill and citrus (and a five minute egg) looks so damn classy.



So this week, put on your painters cap and get a little artsy. Play with color. Mix and match and power clash. And experience the taste of a beautifully plated dish. Then check out these other inspiration works of art.

Chow on.

CHIA ME: This chia jam is my jam. Also,  coconut whipped cream.

HOT POTATO: Spud dominoes. A crispy, crunchy, yummy way of cooking my favorite root vegetable.

TA DA TOSTADA: It’s the new avocado toast(tada)

AVOCADO FRIES: Got to try this. With cornmeal (like crispy broccoli but less broccoli-ish)

GOT THE CHILISVeggie beany scrumptiousness. Perfect for a winter weekend.

…AND SPEAKING OF BEANS: A little canned legume tutorial from moi and food52.com.

Alice February 26, 2014 at 1:42 am

That salad looks lovely and I’m sure it tastes great too! Kinda perfect for summer 🙂
Thanks for all the links you added. Have bookmarked this page so I can go thru them at my leisure.

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