February 5, 2014


Low-Sodium Bruschetta

Holy calendar, it’s February.

And as you know from  past years (and trips to the drug store), this month is all about cupids and arrows, valentines and love letters, and of course, lots of hearts. But not just the kind filled with chocolate and candy. It’s also about the big one, right there, in your own chest. Which is THE most important heart of all. And worth celebrating in a big way.

For the last three Februarys (one, two, three), I’ve rung in Heart Health Month with my annual Recipe Rally. A big online potluck where amazing bloggers from around the world wide web (NOT on low-sodium diets) took on the challenge of cooking without salt and then shared their amazing results and recipes with all of you. It was a great way to make all of us low-sodium eaters feel less alone in our quest for amazing low-sodium meals and an equally awesome way to show others just how colorful and delicious this diet can. But above all else, it was a great way to educate people on how to keep those hearts healthy and the plates full.

This February, though, I want to try something new. I want to hear from you.

I want to continue the trend of involving others in this diet. I want to continue to encourage people to get rid of the low-sodium misconceptions and give whole, fresh, unprocessed foods a try. And I want to continue to prove that low-sodium dishes don’t have to be dull and clinical, but bright and gorgeous.

Which is why I want you to get in your kitchen and out to restaurants and on vacation. Then, I want you to hop on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. And then, I want you to show off just how limitless a low-sodium diet and life can be. I’m calling it YOLOsodium Month (and if you’ve never heard the term YOLO before, it means “you only live once” and is a pop culture battle cry for living life to the fullest). Which pretty much sums up my approach to low-sodium cooking and my life.

Because, for me, having a “culinary handicap” never meant experiencing less; it made me strive for more. It forced me explore new cuisines, new spices, and new experiences all in the name of big flavor and big fun. It motivated me to forget about traditional dishes and become more creative in the kitchen. And it made me realize that, with only one life (and one heart), it was important to take my healthcare into my own hands. And then make something fabulous with it.

Which is why all month long, I encourage you to post pictures and recipes and thoughts on your limitless low-sodium diet and life.

Discover something salt-free at the supermarket? Post it. Make an amazing bisque for dinner? Post it. Come up with an awesome substitution for bread crostini? Post it. Get a decadent meal at your favorite restaurant? Post it. And remember to include the hashtag #YOLOsodium so that we can follow everyone’s adventures. And so I can create a massive college by the 28th.

So there you have it friends. Let’s flood the interweb with the truth about low-sodium food. And let’s encourage all those men and women, who’s health and hearts can benefit from a low-sodium diet, to give it a try. And prove once and for all that low-sodium food needs no apologies, just second helpings.

Let YOLOsodium Month begin. Post on.

Grace Culvenor February 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm


I live in Australia and would like to subscribe to your website by email. I am having difficulty. Is it possible?

Grace Culvenor

Jack VanderZanden December 18, 2015 at 3:51 pm

I was just diagnosed with heart failure and need to be on a very low sodium diet. I am interested in following your recipes.

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