January 10, 2014

Weekly Obsessions 1.10.14

Cauliflower Burger

This has been a super week for substitutions. And I am so beyond grateful to thekitchn.com for letting me kick off the new year with five days of  food swaps. So to keep things short (and tasty), here are some links from the web this week that will help you reinvent your favorite dishes and give some unsuspecting ingredients a chance in the spotlight.

OLD INGREDIENT, NEW TRICK: Do you sometimes wish we lived in a world where broccoli could be breadcrumbs, bananas could be buttercream, potatoes could be quiche crusts, cauliflower could be burger fillers, and lentils could be gravy? Well guess what, we do.

WRAP STARS: Sandwiches don’t need no bread. This and this will do.

THE BRUTUS: Give Caesar a run for his money and making dressing with sardines. Use this guide to get the best kind.

TOOL COOL: Your ice cube tray and rice cooker are way more talented than you thought.

Garage Gym John January 14, 2014 at 9:29 am

Ramen with a Keurig? Ha cute idea

btw typo, last word – though(t)

E. Nash February 12, 2014 at 4:28 am

Looks like this is an easy way to prepare…and looks yummy

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